To provide an outstanding international education that inspires students to be self-disciplined, internationally minded, independent life-long learners, who are innovative leaders and critical thinkers. This is done within a supportive, safe, sustainable and advanced technological learning focused environment.


          OUR MISSION:

          We aim to provide from the age of 3 – 18 the best quality education based up on the UK National Curriculum and Pearson specifications.

          We share and celebrate the world cultures that make up the school’s international community.

          For our School:

          • Promote school achievement to all stakeholders
          • Engage in local and international initiatives
          • Develop links with other beneficial institutions
          • Enhance the school by providing the highest level of resources possible

          For Students:

          • Create new and high quality learning experiences
          • Challenge and support every student to excel
          • Expect high standard of behaviour
          • Aim to provide with high standard of resources

          For Parents:

          • Enhance our feedback about student progress
          • Develop ways of engaging parents with the school
          • Improve level of home-school communication

          For teachers:

          • Develop the skills of all teaching staff
          • Provide professional development opportunities
          • Create a good and supportive working environment