• Financial Aid/Scholarship Programme



      Scholarships are awarded during the admissions process to recognise talented pupils who show great promise in a particular area of school life. Scholars are expected to act as role models in their fields of interest. We have developed a programme of extension activities and opportunities appropriate to particular areas of talent.

      Read more about our scholarship criteria below.

      The following criteria is applicable for Grades in all Year 10 and Year 11 subjects.


      Grades Academic
      A* or 8-9 A or 7 Scholarship
      0 5 10%
      1 4 20%
      2 3 30%
      3 2 40%
      4 1 60%
      5 0 80%



      Financial Aid

      Financial Aid is a specific financial grant made to parents which give some form of reduction of school fees appropriate to the individual situation of each family. These are means-tested and reviewed annually. 

      A complete application along with evidence of financial restraints must be provided to the school for review